Franchise Terms

The terms will be specified in the final agreement, however, to help you take an informed decision guidance is provided as follows:
The Franchisee Agreement will be for an initial period of three years. The agreement can be renewed for further term of three years plus four years, with a maximum of 10 years, on the sole discretion of Giani Ice Cream.

Initial Franchise Fee (IFF):

      Depending upon the format of the outlet, the Franchisee has to pay an Initial Franchise Fee (IFF) to the Franchisor at the time of approval of the site for opening of the franchised outlet.

      Security Deposit:
      The Franchisee will give security deposit with the Franchisor as agreed between the parties. The security deposit is to be made by the franchisee per assigned outlet. No interest is earned on the security deposit. The franchisor, at its sole discretion, will review periodically the Security Deposit for new Franchisee outlets or at the time of renewal of an existing Franchise agreement.

      On termination of the franchise agreement, the Franchisor will refund the security deposit within 90 days on settlement of all outstanding dues.

      Brand Royalty:

    The Franchisee will pay a fixed monthly fee, as brand royalty, to the Franchisor.

    Outlet Specifications:

The type of outlet and the geographical area will be agreed and specified in the final agreement, however, there are three formats based on location and outlet size:

  Kiosk Small Outlet Large Outlet
Outlet Size 150 sq ft or less Over 150 sq ft. but less than 250 sq ft Over 250 sq. ft
Outlet Offering Two ice cream parlours One Gelato & one Ice cream parlour One Gelato & two ice cream parlours
Seating No Seating Optional Recommended